The Don Draper EP

by Oliver Manning

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The music on this disc was, at the behest of Jeran Richardson, conceived of and committed to paper in roughly 6 days in late October 2013. It was then picked apart, recorded, re-recorded and finally mixed between then and February 2014. As of the time of writing, there still small additions to be made, but at some point I will deliver a final product and leave it alone.

Concerning the lyrical content of this disc, I encourage you to please come to your own conclusions, although I will offer the following as thematic influences: trips to both Haute-Nendaz, Switzerland; and to Paris in mid 2013, that haunt many of the lines here; the sadness that must always accompany joy; the often unconsidered relationship between love and lust; my love of foreign women.

Musically, I can hear Neil Young's 'Harvest' (we recorded a take of 'Heart of Gold' that will one day surface), Carly Simon's 'No Secrets', John Frusciante's 'Will to Death' and Mike Uva's 'Lady, Tell Me Straight' as the things my subconscious was straining to emulate at that time but, again, you may draw very different conclusions, conclusions I would relish the chance to hear.

Enjoy Jacko's splendidly minimal bass, Joe Wood's most relaxed drumming yet, and my gratuitous harmony vocals. I made this for you, the reader, and I couldn't have done it without them, or Jeran Richardson, or Miles Broadbent, or the bottles of wine I drink like cups of tea.

Love from

Oliver Manning x

(having a glass of red at Lockside Lounge, Camden, February 13th 2014)


released April 1, 2014

All songs written and directed by Oliver Manning

Oliver Manning: vocals, guitars, clarinets
Matt 'Jacko' Jackson: bass
'Joe' Wood: drums



all rights reserved


Oliver Manning Sheffield, UK

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Track Name: Girls Are Like a Black Cat
Girls are like a black cat
They're lucky but they leave you
Girls are like a black cat
They pretend that they don't need you

Baby girl you don't want me
'Cos I'll only get it wrong
I need a drink to start my day
That's my situation
Don't look around for something better
The problem is you'll find it

Baby girl this'll never work
'Cos you need a man like your daddy
No, I can't do it over
But you know I want to badly
Don't look around for something better
The problem is you'll find it

Baby girl what's the matter?
We both knew this from the start
That my love is roman candle
That someday would break your heart
Track Name: Don Draper
Playing songs on Surrey Street
For happy ears
All my finest moments come when no-one hears
We met in the mountains
I didn't say hello
You're sweeter by a country mile than the girls at home

I strolled down a footpath
There was ivy on the wall
Then I saw you waiting
You were icy cold
I miss you baby even though
We spoke today
We'll put a cushion under you
To shield you from the pain

When are you gonna love me?
When are you gonna smile?
When are you gonna break my heart
And leave me for a while?
Cos when I see Don Draper
In a suit on my TV
Yeah when I see Don Draper
I see what I could be

Kiss me quick before I have to leave again
I don't care for shelter
I'll kiss you in the rain
I woke up in a police car
They didn't want to sing along
If I did it in the name of love
Did I do anything wrong?
Track Name: Drunk On You
I've been drunk on wine
I've been drunk on love
But I've never been drunk on you
This is the first time I've been drunk on you

I've been loved by girls
I've been loved by God
But I've never been loved by you
This is the first time I've been loved by you

I've been on top of clouds
And on top of blondes
But I've never been on top of you
No, this is the first time I've been on top of you
Track Name: This Kind of Love is Not Enough
This kind of love is not enough
This kind of love
This kind of love is not enough

I knew it when I sat inside the Amelie cafe
We're playing a game that only losers play
You never saw me as I saw myself
You keep a score of suitors on your shelf

I picked you from the ashes of a blonde on blonde
A pussycat, an angelmouse, a hand to hold
You planted seeds which grew to trees
You're a snowflake
Then you brought me to my knees again
Track Name: Die for You
You can't explain what you've done
Although you say that you forgot
We had to get drunk
On sun and fun and rum
While Jesus kept a watch

And it's getting harder and harder to lie
You just wanted to have a good time
And when he asks you, you don't reply

You grew up in a house of giggles
Laughter was the only currency
He wants to give you everything
But only I can give you what you need

I wasn't meant to die for you
You were just there to pass the time
And you don't see your beauty
But I feel it deep inside
I wasn't meant to die for you
You were just there to pass the time
But if dreams are real things
I've married you ten thousand times

All was white, I was sleeping
You draped your arm across my chest
You kicked me hard, and I don't mind
But girl I need my rest